Introduction to the Firm

The Law Offices Of Gould & Hahn

The Law Offices of Gould & Hahn represents the full spectrum of professionals licensed by the State of California. The Firm provides services for licensed individuals in every aspect of their professional needs, from guiding them through the application process, assisting them with employee matters, and/or defending them in disciplinary actions brought against them by their licensing agency. Gould & Hahn’s goal in every case is to obtain a resolution that ensures its clients can continue to work in their chosen professions.

The attorneys at Gould & Hahn understand that skilled licensing defense requires a balance of diplomatic negotiation and aggressive defense. The strength of the Firm rests in the experience, intelligence, and realistic approach of our members and our fierce loyalty to our clients’ goals.

Gould & Hahn assists its clients through Board investigations, insurance provider disputes, statements of issues and license denials, appeals of citations, employee issues, and a wide variety of other licensing matters. In addition to licensing defense, Gould & Hahn also provides transactional and business formation services that include forming corporations and LLCs, as well as negotiating and drafting agreements for the purchase, sale, or lease of real estate, businesses, and residential facilities.

Members of the Firm have been assisting the full range of healthcare providers, real estate and insurance agents and brokers, contractors, and residential and daycare facility owners and operators within an increasingly aggressive regulatory and litigation environment for over 25 years. Gould & Hahn is a specialty law firm, and we pride ourselves in providing expert and personally focused assistance at affordable rates to the variety of professionals who deliver vital services in our community.

Our firm is extremely knowledgeable about the statutes and regulations that apply to licensing, and we have developed a unique familiarity with the staff and attorneys for the California Licensing Boards. This combination provides the Law Offices of Gould & Hahn a distinctive platform on which we build our ability to achieve the best possible outcome. Geographic location is never an obstacle to retaining our firm for assistance with your matter; Gould & Hahn provides statewide representation. Gould & Hahn is able to advocate on behalf of our licensed professional clients directly before their particular Boards and Agencies when called for.

For more information about how best to operate your business or profession, or if you have a particular need for advice and assistance, contact Gould & Hahn at 1-800-428-2207. The initial consultation is provided at no charge to you.