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California Real Estate Law: At Gould & Hahn, we assist individuals, businesses and developers to lease, sell, buy, or develop property in California. As our population continues to age, there is an increased demand for assisted living facilities to care for the aged. Gould & Hahn specializes in preventing unnecessary delays, additional expenses, and litigation risks associated with the sale or development of licensed real property and is expert in expediting complex real estate and business transactions involving licensed facilities. Gould & Hahn is also experienced in assisting healthcare professionals purchase or sell their healthcare practices.

DSS Licensees

If you currently own or operate a residential care facility licensed by the Department of Social Services and wish to sell your facility, you must maintain physical control of the property while your buyer applies for a license. Once you sign a Sale Agreement, your license is forfeited as a matter of law unless you have a signed Leaseback Agreement in place. As a buyer, you need agreements that fully satisfy Community Care Licensing requirements and clearly define both you and your seller’s obligations. The Sale of Business Agreement and Leaseback Agreement are the two most important documents that you have to protect your investment. California Real Estate Law Experts, Gould & Hahn.

For licensees leasing facilities, we are seeing an increasing number of tenant-licensees whose landlords are losing their real property to foreclosure. It is important for tenant-licensees to become involved in that process before a Trustee’s sale occurs.

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