Professional Licensees

Attorneys For Professionals: Real Estate, Insurance, Contractors, Accountants & More!

California is one of the most heavily regulated states in the Union. There is a state licensing board for almost every profession. Gould & Hahn represents nearly every type of professional licensed by the State of California, from the application process through the defense of licensing prosecutions.

Because of our decision, in the early 1990s, to specialize in defending licensees before their licensing agencies, Gould & Hahn is among the most experienced legal teams available to assist you when your license is in trouble. Gould & Hahn staff have developed long-term relationships with senior attorneys and Deputy Attorneys General representing State agencies, whose duty it is to prosecute the Accusations to revoke your license. Gould & Hahn is familiar with the politics and particular issues of concern to each individual licensing agency and is able to use these relationships to obtain an efficient result.

Bureau of Real Estate (BRE)

The BRE licenses and disciplines real estate salespersons, brokers, and companies. Gould & Hahn defends licensees in investigation and disciplinary proceedings, including Accusations seeking to revoke their license and, if their license has previously been revoked, in petitioning to reinstate their license. Gould & Hahn is experienced in the audit process and in identifying areas of concern to the BRE, as well as issues of rehabilitation that are given the most weight during the disciplinary process. Gould & Hahn also assists applicants throughout the pre-licensing application process.

California Department of Insurance (CDI)

Gould & Hahn defends insurance salespersons, brokers, and companies in every level of licensing actions with the CDI, including assisting in the application process, the investigative interview process, and in defending against Accusations seeking to revoke a license based on FINRA actions or other complaints. Insurance professionals are highly regulated and scrutinized, and anyone who has lost his or her insurance license in a revocation proceeding must go through a separate proceeding to obtain a 1033 Consent letter before being permitted to apply for reinstatement. Gould & Hahn has a long history of guiding professionals through the 1033 and reinstatement process as well as familiarity with the specific areas of concern that will be the focus of the Bureau’s review.

Contractors State Licensing Board (CSLB)

Contractors are subject to some of the most intense scrutiny of any professional license. The CSLB receives many complaints from the public and, as a result, the CSLB has investigators on staff whose sole job is to investigate every complaint received. CSLB investigators are permitted to engage in sting operations to catch unsuspecting contractors in illegal or negligent acts. No other Board utilizes sting operations to the extent of the CSLB. Many contractors report they have been unfairly entrapped into uncharacteristic conduct that would not have occurred had they not been set up by the CSLB. Gould & Hahn represents contractors in appeals of citations and in Accusations filed to revoke their licenses. If you need legal advice or representation, call us today.

Other Professional Licensees Represented by Gould & Hahn

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