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Attorneys For Health Care Professionals

California divides the healthcare professions into distinct general areas. There is a state licensing board for almost every healthcare profession. For example, the Medical Board of California licenses physicians and surgeons and is charged with the enforcement of the regulations and codes as to these professionals. Other healthcare professionals are regulated by their individual boards such as the Board of Registered Nursing, the Physical Therapy Board, the Board of Behavioral Sciences, the Dental Board, and so on.

Help Defending Professional License

Each of these boards operates under a specific set of statutes and regulations contained in the California Business & Professions Code and California Code of Regulations and has adopted a specific set of disciplinary guidelines for disciplining a particular licensee.

The flow chart depicted in the “Resources” section of our website provides an accurate map of how each board or agency investigates and prosecutes a consumer complaint against one of its licensees.

The staff of Gould & Hahn are fortunate to enjoy a set of relationships with the various Deputy Attorneys General who represent the licensing agencies. These relationships have developed over many years and include the most senior members of any agency. This network of mutually respectful relationships is extremely helpful when negotiating the outcome of a case.